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With "Épisodes", Vromb attempts to immerse the listener in the environment of the place where Heurel Gaudot and his team carried their works around nineteen fifty-eight. Sponsored then by a pharmaceutical firm (whose name shall remain nameless for various reasons), Heurel Gaudot and his team led an experiment whose purpose was to induce artificially, in a selected human subject, the aura perception. The viewing and the analysis of the human passport – its physical and psychic metabolism – as described in certain Buddhist beliefs and some occult religions. Based on the scientific progress rather than the unexplained, the research work was developed around the electrical operating principle of the human brain. Starting from various works made by a former research team, Gaudot and his associates considered the possibility that an almost imperceptible organ was located inside the human brain. As Professor Gaudot was one of the instigators of the research activities, he had to experiment the effects of the amplification of this gland with various processes to uncover that the "expérience auratrive" did not yield the expected results. The stimulation of a particular cerebral zone with electrical impulses produced by a device named "ultratonic wave amplifier" gave them visions, the impression of being surrounded by beings with a humanoid shape, invisible to the normal eye. That nightmare lasted for several weeks. In the beginning, for Heurel Gaudot and Albert Dorsko, the illusion provoked in one as in the other showed a coincidence in the facts. Their general descriptions of the images then perceived were similar in many aspects but subsequently, their respective versions of the facts wandered away from one another and lost their similarity. The paramolecular perceptions that resulted from these experiments inspired them to use psychometric analysis and drew them further into a cerebral disconnection from any rational logic. The fact of a double vision as an unexpected aftermath led them into psychotic reactions of a hallucinogenic nature. These states operated only during the ultratonic sessions. Then, as the days passed by, without any given reason, the paramolecular senses auto-released in a random fashion, giving them some paranoid delusions. The Épisodes album present, in electrosonic mode, four electromolecular stages organized into musical segments, each constituting a well-defined episode.

Description of the episodes by Professor Gaudot himself
Text of the booklet in French, English and German
Effect zones catalogued under the name Périmètre
Press presentation prepared by Ant-Zen

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