List of the various perimeters and description of their content.

The Périmètre 3, 5 and 10 series integrates into the audition of Vromb’s second album entitled "Épisodes" in the "Expérience auratrive (suite)". P3 + P10 suggested as optional parameters, more precisely within Épisode 3 of the album in question, act as a sound/narrative rupture, for what is being said within it. Épisode 3, "L’objet synchronisateur", contains an optional branch on track 12, "Auxiliaire", inviting us to replace "Épisodes" with P3 + P10 and then return to the album at the place where we left.

The P3 + P10 parallel transfer has an interest that is both musical and narrative (story). Heurel Gaudot tells with words what Vromb suggests in a sound form in order to transport us and make us live the theater of a paramolecular reality. The ultratonic wave amplification produced, on the nervous system, disorders of a psychotic nature and their aftermath lasted for around three weeks. P3 + P10 try to transport us further into these uncharted territories.


ANT-ZEN (ACT103.3) 3" CD
Piece 1. Électro 01 = Heurel Gaudot now perceives more than human forms. He also sees objects around him. He alone can see them. Amalgam of non-identifiable devices.
Piece 2. Ambiométrie = Gaudot, animated by some psychic impulses, feels a move of the landscape, uncertainty.
Piece 3. Pulsation = Gaudot notes on paper the description of an intense physical pain in the head. A pain that insidiously spreads to the entire body.


ANT-ZEN (ACT103.10) 10" Picture vinyl
A. L’objet = Feeling of well-being without any important tendency to euphoria. Rhythmic narration for a sustained comprehension.
B. Électrouble = Everything becomes confused in sequences, the reason sways. Everything stops without end, without ever ending, something begins and starts again without stopping. Blocking of the reason, paramolecular imposition. The sound structure is insane. A necessary discomfort. This ambiance can be measured, but I do not know how!

Although each perimeter is listened to separately, P3 and P10 are interconnected by the information they contain. P3 and P10 (published under the same catalog number - ACT101) act as two paragraphs of the same chapter. Therefore they are indissociable and cannot be made available separately.


ANT-ZEN (ACT111.5) 5" Vinyl
A. Cylindre – The feeling of being shut up. A corridor with an exit to the floor and the ceiling, its walls are smooth and cold. Possibility of access towards these two directions without attraction to a hypothetical ground. Just having to return head against ground to consider the top without any logical physical law.
B. Cercle = Slightly machined wall. Stripes in spirals drone to and fro across the interior of this peripheral partition. It’s knocking from the outside! Rhythmic vibrations, hermetic resonance.

Périmètre 5 is available only in the ACT111.1 box set with the "Épisodes" album, compact disc version. Périmètre 5 serves as a trailer and can be used in parallel with the listening of the album.