"The ultratonic amplification sessions produced some post-sequential failures at the cerebral level. Their effects led us through various psychotic phases lived through in four moments interconnected in a chronological manner, and forming a block of emotional trials with their well-defined acts. And then, interlude, stopping of the paramolecular perceptions. Reintegration of the autonomous thought. Attempt to analyze, to understand. And, with premises, beginning of a new chapter; return of foreign elements superimposing on our reason and guiding us to another direction, with its subjective deal of sensorial impressions, towards a new episodic reality."

"Flickering view in quick flashes, rhythmical light, visualization on superimposed double reality. Flashes in my head, whether my eyes are open or closed, strong images dominate, fight with each other, and pound through my reason."

"Time slips, loses speed and, in a leap, catches itself up and goes beyond itself. All in slow motion. Accelerations, immobile movements, a motor with a flexible gear distortions itself, changes shape…"

"Internal pulsations of the left ear and eye, a monophony on one channel, Slowly, all stabilizes for a stereo hold. An organic metronome contaminates all of my body, then guides it on a rhythmic directive. Corridors giving onto well-defined spaces, places organized in staircases, each level has its own well-defined perimeter."

"Gestures, actions producing sonority, then guiding the movement. Noises organized into exponential systems, stopping. It's like a feeling of safety at this stage : the repetition of some forms of exercises in procedures reminds me of a certain beginning."