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Périmètre 3+10. 10" Vinyl+3" CD. Ant-Zen. 1999

  Tracklisting 3" (act 101.3):
  1. Electro 01
  2. Ambiorythmie
  3. Pulsation
Total playing time 3" (act 101.3):

Tracklisting 10" (act 101.10):
  1. L'objet
  2. Electrouble
Total playing time 10" (act 101.10):

Graphics and Layout:
Josée Boulay

Info-text (Ant-Zen):

Limited to 472 copies (deleted). Ambient sequences, noisy transmodulated frequencies and trance rhythms are bombarding your body and mind. The amplified perceptive sense will be modulated into a new dimension of paranormal psychoacoustic ecstasy. The grooves of périmètre are synchronised perfectly with the stereo effects and they catch your fascination and addiction.
  Limited edition of 2 copies
This 3" CD encased in a floppy disk was sent by S.Alt to H.Girard. S.Alt is the happy owner of the second copy.