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Émission pilote. CD. Ant-Zen. 2000
Émission pilote. 12" Vinyl. Hymen Records. 2000

  Tracklisting CD (act 108):
  1. Émission
  2. Mecaniblock (pilote)
  3. Erreur
  4. Variation
  5. Segment
Total playing time CD (act 108):

Tracklisting 12" (¥022):
  1. Émission
  2. Mecaniblock (pilote)
  3. Erreur

  4. B:
  5. Variation
  6. Orisation E.G.
Total playing time 12" (¥022):

Graphics and Layout:

Info-text (Ant-Zen):

New five track release by vromb. oscillating, minimalistic frequencies, rotating sequences and bubbling technoid sounds describe vromb's special and unique repetitiveness and grant a preview of things to come.
Note: this is not an album, at the most a few elements extracted here and there from work intended for a future album called 'episodes". In this work, there is a bifurcation on the sound results of the moment or in the randomness obtained through the steps of transformation of certain usable or non-usable versions. Here is, in part, and with a certain similarity, either through the sounds, or through the sequences. A pre-episodic ensemble, a mutant alteration of the album in question.
Nevertheless the important suspense creating factor is always imminent. despite the undeniable magic of monotony there is as well the soundtrack-like, dark science fiction atmosphere contributing immensely to taking the listener on a industrial, futuristic trance trip he / she will never forget. Needless to say that vromb soundcarriers can be found on playlists of innovative underground (techno) dj's.
Furthermore there's growing acceptance in vromb's work having composed score-like tracks for local film documentaries and tv specials as well as having contributed various sequences of music for underground movies already.
Welcome to 'emission pilote' - after 'transmodulation a.m.p.', 'le facteur humain' and 'périmètre' a further step ahead in vromb's history, a mature and intelligent work preferably for home use. but decide yourself ...