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Épisodes. CD / CD+5" Vinyl / 2x12"+1x7" Vinyl. Ant-Zen. 2001

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  1. Le theme

  2. Épisode #1:
  3. Vision stroboscopique
  4. Synthonisation
  5. Réglage
  6. Capteur

  7. Épisode #2:
  8. Le temps à vitesse variable
  9. Superposition
  10. Centre
  11. Emphase

  12. Épisode #3:
  13. L'objet synchronisateur
  14. Signaux
  15. Auxilliaire
  16. Ambiometrie

  17. Épisode #4:
  18. Mouvement multiplicatif
  19. Amalgame
  20. Connexe
  21. Neurostatique

  22. Générique
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Graphics and Layout:

Info-text (Ant-Zen):

This fourth full length release is yet another masterpiece by this extraordinary canadian artists ­ and we hope that you are a lucky owner of the 'perimetre 3+10' set released on ant-zen in 1999, because 'episodes' is a part of a bigger piece of work which includes 'perimetre 3+10' and the 'episodes' boxset. The boxset contains a 5" vinyl entitled 'perimetre 5'. A schedule explaining on how to listen to all of these items as a whole is included in the cd booklet - no wonder it took vromb almost three years to create the sounds and artwork. It has been vromb's intention since 'le facteur humain' that the text on each release should add to the music. Furthermore, the text should be be lingually understood. As such, the writings on each release are translated into french, english and german.
Musically 'episodes' follows the path that vromb started with 'le facteur humain' and has continued developing during the last five years. The end result has been a hypnotising combination of dark, atmospheric soundscapes, rhythms and voices. Also with 'episodes' you get the feeling that you are listening to a soundtrack that has yet to be done.
Beware ­ this is not 'consumer ambient' you have to watch and to listen!
Subliminal ambient-noise techno hypnotism.

Épisodes Quality Control by Siko
Épisodes Quality Control by Ant-Zen Chief Operations Manager
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