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Sous hypnose. CD. Ant-Zen. 2007

  Tracklisting (act 202):
  1. Sillonage
  2. L'hypnose
  3. Repose toi
  4. Mise en marche
  5. Accélérateur
  6. Sirconvolution
  7. Rencontre
  8. Revenir
  9. Détendez-vous

Info-text (Ant-Zen by Christian Pallentin):

hypnosis - a process in which the critical thinking faculties of the mind are bypassed and a type of selective thinking/perception is established. this process can be achieved without any impact (consider the mind when it is half asleep or half awake). this album's intention is to aurally simulate a hypnosis session (such as one conducted by a hypnotherapist).

if a 'subject' is willing to engage with the topic then different steps of hypnosis can be retraced while listening: preparation, induction (taking the subject from normal awareness to a state of enhanced relaxation), deepening (taking the subject from a very relaxed state into the fully 'hypnotized' state, where conscious thinking is minimized), purpose (when the subjects are asked to say or perform things) and finally awakening (when the subject is taken out of the hypnotic state).

the music starts with straight forward (but calm) rhythmic patterns - patterns that are in place to reach a state of trance. the music changes the same way as the subject's perception does: rhythm is replaced with surreal ambient soundscapes, incomprehensible voices start to talk and then a constant but always changing flow takes over - a strange and unfamiliar experience is the result - due to the subject's inexperience. but the experience is never threatening as the final process of awakening is performed very carefully. either way, the subject will immediately realize the session is over.

it matters not if you take the invitation to use 'sous hypnose' as an occasion to start a fascinating experiment, or if you just want to enjoy the new work of vromb; this album is a highly recommended document of today's serious electronic music (as all of this great canadian artist's releases are).