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Vromb / Telepherique Paradigma. CD. Fario. 2004

  1. Le Prisonier Sideral
  2. 12 avril 1961
  3. Telepherique - Vromb
  4. Paradigma - Wechsel
  5. Paradigma - Effeckt
  6. Telepherique
  7. Abstrackte Chiffres
  8. Bizarries Cubiques

Info-text (Fario):

Limited to 700 copies.

The Fario label was created in 1998 by the staff of the French magazine Fear Drop. The concept behind Fario is the meeting : collaborations between two artists. Each record shows two halves created separately and a common track (here : two), a moment to share views or to oppose feelings. All tracks are previously unreleased.

As they had planned to meet for a long time, Canadian artist Hugo Girard alias Vromb and german outfit Telepherique were more than happy to work on Paradigma, maybe to consider their own paradigms.

Vromb is a one man project which appeals to different electronic and industrial roots as well as imaginary landscapes of rusted and spinning rotors. Free from gravity, these strange rhythmic lifeforms born from disused factories and psycho scientists are like the perfect bunker soundtracks. Sometimes the bunkers change into rockets silos and Vromb feels then ready for a space program.

Telepherique is family affair. Led by Klaus, Danijela & Rene Jochim, Telepherique is a pot of powerful forces, magma and images, rhythms and voices, melancholy and energy. Their music is one of the best and most beautiful extension of industrial music. Always moving, like a river, like air, it¹s rich enough to become a complete cinema.

Fario catalogue : Fragile / Dither « Macrostigma » split-CD (out of print) - 1998 Mimetic Kino / delphium « Lucius » split-CD (out of print) - 1999 99 mg / Laurent Pernice « Ligne latérale » split-CD (out of print) - 2000 Lull / Origami Arktika « Brook » - split-CD (out of print) - 2001 Francisco López / Steve Roden « Le chemin du paradis » split-CD - 2002 Rapoon / Désaccord Majeur « Salmo salar » split-CD - 2003 Vromb / Telepherique « Paradigma » - 2004

Fario / Denis & Virginie Boyer
3, rue de Damville
27240 Les Essarts - France
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