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Mémoires paramoléculaires. CD. Disques Hushush. 2002

  1. Diffusion en boucle
  2. Calibrage
  3. Facteur humain (ligne courbe)
  4. Vue - éclipse
  5. Subréalité
  6. Assemblage - A
  7. Assemblage - B
  8. Hypnose
  9. Songe artificiel
  10. Ailleurs
  11. L'appareillage ultratonique
  12. Conclusion vers le silence
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Info-text (Disques Hushush):

Mémoires paramoléculaires is Vromb's first release on a Canadian label since his debut album Jeux de terre (1993). We at Hushush are very pleased to present you this fine piece of electroacoustic music composed especially for us by Hugo Girard. Inspired by the emerging Hushush sound, Mémoires paramoléculaires is a digital sequencing of analog sources. This is the result of a process of understanding Heurel Gaudot's participation to Vromb's musical output. It is constructed as the first chapter in an electronic opera for ultratonical machines. Questioning our link to reality, this sci-fi musical project is a reflection on our condition as organic machines.
As always with Hushush, much attention has been put in the making of this release. Vromb's Mémoires paramoléculaires is available as a limited item of 700 copies only. The CD comes in a hand made and stamped CD sleeve as well as a luxury colour cardboard packaging accompanied by several inserts showing drawings of prof. H.Gaudot by Steve Deschênes.
VROMB's solid reputation as a unique artist is legendary amongst fans of minimal electro rhythms. Based in Montréal (Québec) Vromb's Hugo Girard is nonetheless mostly known in Europe and in the United States. Having released only but a few discs in his whole ten years and over career's span, his many followers eagerly await each release. With a style on his own, Girard's project may be one of the most original act in the North American electronic music scene.
NOTE: Mémoires paramoléculaires is pronounced in English as: May-mwar Para-mole-aykh-lair

Additional sounds, images, texts and informations available at the dedicated website for Mémoires paramoléculaires:

This long deleted album is now entierly available for download in the MP3 format. Please visit Disques Hushush's collection at archive.org