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Le pavillon des oiseaux / le monorail (Collaboration w/Szkieve). 7" Vinyl. Disques Hushush. 2003

  1. Le pavillon des oiseaux

  2. B:
  3. Le monorail
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Info-text (Disques Hushush):

The monorail provided by les Enterprises Hushush will take you on a journey to our own World Fair, an exhibition for advanced technologies and oddities. Recorded on this seven inch vinyl is a visit to the Birds Pavilion, “le pavillon des oiseaux” as well as an overview of the site. Often remembered for the showing of tomorrow’s technological advancements, World Fairs presented many mechanical, electronic and magnetic types of equipment. Thought to be the way of the future, some of them remain now very odd pieces of history, yesterday’s tomorrows. This recording is the first collaboration effort for Vromb. The Montreal dark electronica wonder has teamed up with an almost Canadian fellow, Hushush’s headhoncho project, Szkieve.

More information on Szkieve:
Never made available, this postcard was conceived as a companion to the 7" release.