" Mémoires paramoléculaires (MP) " questions the appropriateness between perceptions and reality. In the well-defined universe created by Hugo Girard through "L'expérience auratrive (a sequel)", the listener had the opportunity to make his one of the facets of reality. MP is committed to throw the necessary light on the shadow zones established, sometimes fortuitously, by professor Heurel Gaudot.

Heurel Gaudot was the narrator who introduced the listeners to the universe of " L'expérience auratrive (a sequel) ". Furthermore, he was the guide who accompanies the visitor in this world made of disturbing laboratories for claudicating machines. However, the professor tends to present an oriented vision of the facts. It is this sole vision, which represents, so far, the passport to this uchrony. The professor claims having been involved, in the fifties, in an experiment aimed at amplifying the visual and auditory perceptions to open a new dimension for the human condition.

" Mémoires paramoléculaires " evokes the arrival of a new character who gives us his version of the facts, having been involved in the same experiments. While professor Gaudot presented us, in an often-forward fashion, his involvement in the experiments, this new character named Albert Dorsko gives us a more rational and firm version of it. The story is presented with music constructed sometimes on rhythms, sometimes on ambiences. Albert then oversees the rendering of the wanted atmospheres to allow the listener, in turn, to experiment them

  • Dialogues between Hugo Girard and Albert Dorsko
  • Graphical memories
  • Sound memories
  • Record launch

    This long deleted album is now entierly available for download in the MP3 format. Please visit Disques Hushush's collection at archive.org