VROMB à la SAT / MUTEK 2002 - Photos Alain Gauvin

Photos taken during the Vromb concert for the launch of "Mémoires paramoléculaires", Friday, may 31, 2002.Photos by:
Photos by:
Alain Gauvin (info@alaingauvin.com).

"Hugo Girard didn't wait for the explosion of Montreal's new wave of electronic music before building a solid reputation for himself in Europe, particularly in Germany. Avoiding simplistic clichés, his post-industrial compositions arise from reflective concepts and carefully considered texts, providing a glimpse into a sombre internal universe. With releases primarily on Germany's Ant-Zen label, his Vromb project is highly popular among fans of Dark Electronica. Europeans have long known the professionalism of this Montrealer, and MUTEK is proud to present him in a rare appearance on his home turf, celebrating the release of his new album "Mémoires paramoléculaires" on the Hushush label "

Presentation text for the Vromb concert on Friday, may 31, 2002, at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT - www.sat.qc.ca) during the MUTEK 2002 festival (www.mutek.ca)