Views of the interior card for "Mémoires paramoléculaires"

Carte 01 Carte 02

April 2002, Haurel Gaudot as imagined and drawn by Steve Deschênes. Depicted this way, Gaudot in front of the ultratonic wave amplifier, or at least, one of its controllers, seems to strike a pose for an invisible photographer. This drawing, as well as the other ones included in this project, was made by Steve. Inspired by Gaudot's features, Steve began to sketch him in the margin of some his lecture notes in physics. Around 1991, Gaudot was a supply teacher for certain courses in natural sciences at Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR).

" He was nice, a passionate person who had difficulty in containing his enthusiasm when he gave various explanations of the why of the what."
Steve Deschênes

Please note that a typing error have slipped into the text during its initial retranscription. One should read "Heurel" (Hörel) instead of "Haurel".

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